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Since 1962 we at Pungnong have devoted ourselves to make agricultural industry better.
We care about why people farm, what they grow, and how their products are brought to our home.

Of the farmers, By the farmers, For the farmers

NPKO fertilizers

  • simplify application process for user’s convenience,
  • keep the environment sustainable, and
  • maximize the efficiency of farming with unparalleled technology and performance

Customer Support

Product  +82-80-022-4646
Others  +82-2-712-8791
Fax  +82-2-719-1942

M-F   09:00 am ~ 18:00 pm
Lunch   12:00 pm ~ 13:00 pm


Company Factsheet and Purchasing information

Fertilize Earth, Save Environment

Pungnong is a leading company in the agriculture industry for advanced technology and environmental-friendly fertilizers.
Through ceaseless research and development, we aim for fertilizers that empower earth.

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