Fertilizer Business

Pungnong Co., Ltd.

Address: 6, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04176
Tel: +82) 2-712-8791/5

For more than 60 years, Pungnong has been manufacturing various fertilizers including Fused Magnesium Phosphates and compound fertilizers. We concentrate on developing high quality products that meets the government’s environmental agricultural policies and farmers’ expectations to gain better outcomes.
Our products like topdressing, horticulture, compound, soil improvement, organic, functional fertilizers, are suited for keeping the earth and helping sustainable farming. Pungnong significantly focuses on the technology development to maintain and improve the quality of the fertilizers with our own professional fertilizer test institute, NPKO Research and Development center. For such efforts and qualified products, Pungnong has been able to constantly expand the business to overseas like Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Leisure Business

Keunyoung Agricultural Industry Corp. / Yangju Country Club

Address: 1525-52, Bookhangangro, Hwadoeup, Namyangjusi, Kyunggido
Tel: +82) 31-592-6060~4

Yangju Country Club is located in Kyunggido Namyangjusi, where beautiful scenery of Bookhan River and the surroundings can be found while playing golf and spending time with beloved companies. It is near to anywhere in Seoul metropolitan area that can be easily accessed by Seoul-Chuncheon Express or Seoul Ring Road.
The course of Yanju CC was designed by Dukchoon Yeon, the first professional golf player in Korea. Covering total area of 1,102,660 square meter, 6,891 yard long, and 202 meter high, the layout of the course is built for all levels of player from a beginner to a single. Located at an altitude of 118 meter, Yangju clubhouse was designed to be in a harmony with its surroundings. The beauty and comfort of the nature of Namyangjusi are extended to the clubhouse.
To satisfy and meet beyond the expectation of the loyal visitors, Yangju Country Club has been continuously studying and improving its facilities, course, and services.

Transportation Business

Ohsung Express

Tel: +82) 41-956-5657~9

Ohsung Express Corp. offers fertilizer transportation and labor services. With its national distribution and transit points, Ohsung Express delivers fertilizers at the right time at the right place with support of the logistics system and expert handling. The whole process of transport including vehicle control and routing path are effectively monitored and arranged through the logistics management system. Utilizing its long-established work experience and information, Ohsung Express consistently aims for more precise and satisfactory delivery to the customers.

Scholarship program

Ohsung Foundation

Tel: +82) 2-716-5213

Ohsung Foundation was established on December 10th, 1987 by Pungnong Co., Ltd. for the love and support of agriculture. It provides scholarships to high school and university students in rural area or farming related to help sustain talents in agriculture.

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